Functional Dentistry


office has refined our philosophy of care, and what we believe our
mission to be. We have transitioned from repair-oriented dentistry to
the philosophy of ideal optimal health and wellness. We want to develop
better relationships with our patients, so that we can personalize care
to the unique needs, wants and values of each individual.

years past, we spent most of our time patching, scraping, drilling, and
filling. Although we provided good repair service, it seemed something
was missing. We observed many patients who later returned with still
more gum disease and tooth decay. In spite of our diligent efforts, some
patients were not getting healthier.

learned our frustration was not due to lack of interest or dedication,
but rather a failure to focus on education, motivation, nutritional
counseling and behavior change. Dental school gave me excellent
technical training, but the training focused on repairs and mechanics!
Through course of study, we were taught about building relationships
with people and getting our patients involved in their own health care
through behavior change and nutrition. We learned convincingly that
health is directly related to active participation.

always tell me they want a healthy, pain-free, mouth, and to keep all
their teeth for life. But I also believe that people want….NO DENTISTRY!
No fillings, no crowns, no root canals, no gum surgery, no needles or
injections, and no need to come to the office every 3 months! People
want freedom from the dentist, and they would like to spend their time
and money elsewhere.

it possible to give our patients what they want…a healthy smile that
feels good, lasts a life-time, and no dentistry? First, we believe that
answer lies in education, and encouraging our patients to take
responsibility to care for themselves. We encourage our patients to
think health first, something they can give themselves, and
treatment/repair second.

second responsibility is to deliver optimum ideal dental treatment to
our patients. If we can help our patients get their mouth healthy first,
then we can take the time to restore their teeth so they have the least
chance of needing repair again later. If disease is controlled, and
breakdown is stopped, treatment can often be phased over time. Our
patients can choose to restore their mouths with durable, long lasting
and aesthetic restorations, rather than making hasty repairs as they
need replacement.

dental offices are repair centers that focus on the short-term fix.
Patients often become frustrated and disillusioned about what dentistry
can do for them. We believe in treatment that will last many years
longer than the commonly used silver or plastic materials used for
fillings. This philosophy allows our patients to be free from repeated
patchwork dentistry. Freedom from dentistry is what we all really want.
Working together we can help our patients keep their teeth for a


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Best Affordable Cosmetic Dentist

Sure it can be fast and easy to find
a dentist on the Internet, but a dental expert that’s well-equipped in
performing restorative techniques flawlessly using the state-of-the-art
equipment like Dr. Bernie Villadiego, DDS, AAACD is definitely hard to come by.

By doing an extensive research,
Blake Gibbons was able to find Dr. Bernie. He knew that he made the right
decision to come to his clinic, because he liked how methodological and patient
Dr. Bernie was when he needed to understand the process and treatment for his
specific plan and need.

Real cosmetic dentists can truly
explain in an extensive manner to a patient what needs to be done in order to
achieve the best outcome.  Not only Dr.
Bernie is the best dentist you can find and afford, every patient that comes to
his clinic is given friendly, genuine and authentic warmth and care.

If you are looking for a high-level of expertise
in cosmetic dentistry, you can never go wrong choosing Dr. Bernie Villadiego.

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Chipped Teeth Reconstruction


How much does a smile makeover cost?

Well, the procedure can depend on
different factors, such as the expertise of your cosmetic dentist, the practice
and the quality of materials needed and of course, the extent of treatment
required for a certain condition.

Cosmetic dentistry can involve
several techniques and naturally, if you require more, the more costly it will
be. As you can see this is a process that is not cheap, but the results can
definitely work wonders.


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Reconstructed Surgery For Broken Teeth

don’t have to live with missing, misaligned or broken teeth. Whatever issues
you may have concerning your teeth and mouth, it doesn’t have to be
permanent.  Dr. Bernie Villadiego, DDS,
AAACD can easily help you to look in the mirror and see the healthy, vibrant
and beautiful smile you have always wanted like what happened to Beatrix who
have had an accident during her teens, but only decided to get a smile
rejuvenation from the expert after 30 years.

Dr. Bernie helped her
gain her confidence back as well as feel good about her.

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